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Our team specializes in a wide range of claim services

Claim Advocates PLLC. offers a wide range of claim services, including consultations, assistance with document preparation, and dispute resolution. See below for a detailed description of our services and the typical matters we are uniquely equipped to handle, or contact us for more information about how our team can help you.

  • Fire Claims
    Fire Claims Commercial & Residential

    We help with all types of fire damage claims.Fire damage is usually obvious, but the resulting smoke and the water used to put the fire out are often not as easily identified. They can cause hidden damages that left unaddressed will result in future problems.

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    HAIL CLAIMS Commercial & Residential

    You typically can’t see a hail damaged roof from the ground and most property owners never get on their roof. We can help.

    Processing a hail claim requires extensive experience in the identification of hail damages and a detailed knowledge of roofing materials, investigation methods and installation/repair techniques. Our public adjuster/experts have the training to quantify these damages using a variety of destructive testing and investigation techniques so you get paid what you deserve.

  • Storm Damage

    Storm damages can result from a number of different causes, some that are covered and some that may not be. Our experts can trace and separate the damages caused by wind driven rains from those caused by surface waters (flood). They work to identify openings in the structure caused by wind to achieve coverage for your loss.

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    Dispute Resolution

    With many years of experience in the construction industry, the Claim Advocates team is eminently qualified to help settle disputes by providing an impartial and arms-length viewpoint.

    We assist our clients by serving as the appointed Appraiser or Umpire, assisting in resolving the active dispute related to their insurance claim.